Signs He Still Loves You – 25 Facts About It

It can feel like heaven to be in love, but it’s a whole different story to fall out of love. It is obvious that it is easier to fall in love with someone than to stop loving them.

This procedure makes me feel a lot of complicated things that are hard to explain. It is harder to understand and deal with these feelings. And through all of this, I still feel like “he still loves me.”

This causes trouble. This is because this idea opens the door to questions like “Do I love him?” and “Should I ask him?”

It’s not an easy trip. If this is happening to you, just hold on and keep going. Time will be needed. But in the end, you’ll be better for it.

But if you really want to know the answer to “Does he still love me?,” just keep reading. This article lists the top 25 signs that your ex still likes you.

The top 25 signs he still loves you

If you’re thinking, “He still loves me,” here’s a list of 25 things you should keep an eye out for:

1. Continues to follow you on social media platforms

After a breakup, it’s normal for you and your ex to decide to stop following each other. But if he’s still on your list of friends or people you follow on social media, that could be a sign that he still loves me.

Signs He Still Loves You

Your ex may even be checking out what you post on social media sites on a regular basis.

2. He teases you playfully

If you still talk to your ex-partner or ex-boyfriend, you may notice that he teases you or makes fun of you in a light-hearted way during casual conversations.

This is a good sign if you want to know if your husband still loves you. If your husband still tries to make you laugh by telling jokes or making fun of you, that’s a good sign.

3. Tries to maintain contact with you

When two people break up, it’s pretty common for them to stop talking to each other. But if you think he still loves me, he might send you a text message or call you on your birthday or just to see how you’re doing.

4. Your ex-partner often sends you pictures of places or things that remind them of you

This is true for more than just ex-lovers. Even if you’re not sure if your husband or lover still loves you, check to see if they send you pictures of things or places that remind them of you.

It could be something as simple as a purse you told him you liked or a song you both like.

5. Stays in touch with your loved ones

Does my guy still love me? Well, does your current partner or your ex-partner try to keep an eye on your family and friends?

Does he call or text your close friends or family to find out how they are doing? If he does, that’s a sign that he still cares.

Signs He Still Loves You

6. Often expresses nostalgia

Another good sign that your ex misses you and cares about you is if you talk to him and he brings up good memories of you. It can be as simple as going grocery shopping together or that one great date with him.

7. Your ex tries to be physically affectionate with you

When you and your ex-boyfriend see each other, if he acts physically close to you, that’s a sign that he still loves you. This is not the same thing as making you feel uncomfortable or coming up to you in a sexual way.

He might just want to give you a hug or hold your hand a little longer than usual after shaking it.

8. Your ex feels hurt if you’re cold towards them

If you try to get away from your ex through actions or words and he shows that it hurts him, it shows that you are very weak. And being open to being hurt comes from being able to feel strong emotions. So you could look at it as “one of the signs my ex still wants me.”

9. You see him having multiple rebounds

Most of the time, a new relationship with someone soon after a breakup is not a serious one. But if you find out that your ex has been with one or more people soon after you broke up, it could mean that “he broke up with me but still loves me.”

This could be a way for him to deal with the empty space in his life after the breakup.

10. He remembers and acknowledges the small things about you

Again, this isn’t just about people you used to love. It’s also something to remember about your current love. If he remembers and mentions small, maybe unimportant things about you, it could be that he wants to show you that he cares about you.

Signs He Still Loves You

11. He isn’t trying to date anyone

Even though a lot of people get back together with someone else after a breakup, your ex may just need to be alone.

But if you think he still loves me, it could be because you and he broke up a long time ago and he hasn’t moved on yet.

12. Jealousy comes easily

Your ex might be trying to make you jealous if he suddenly posts a lot on social media about unplanned vacations or fun things he does at night.

13. He told a common friend how he felt.

One of the quickest and clearest ways to find out if he still loves me is if a mutual friend tells you that your ex-boyfriend told a mutual friend that he still loves you.

It could be his way of giving you a hint of how he feels.

14. He reacts very strongly to anything related to you

Your ex-strong lover’s emotional reactions to anything that reminds him of you, like a memory, a sentimental object, a movie, etc., are another clear sign that he still cares about you.

15. He feels miserable

If you think he’s very sad or he’s shown you his sadness in a direct or indirect way, he wants you to know this. He’s sure he wants you to know how sad he is that you’re no longer his beloved.

16. He calls you up when he’s drunk

Drunk dials from your ex can be an unusual or a frequent event. Either way, it may be his only way to tell you how he feels about you, which he may have buried. After a few strong drinks, he might feel less shy about saying these things.

17. He still considers you to be his go-to person

If you’re the first person he calls for advice, confides in, or talks about small or big news with after the breakup, it’s clear that you’re still his go-to person. So, you might think something like, “He still loves me.”

Signs He Still Loves You

18. You see him everywhere

If you find him at places and events where you go that he wouldn’t normally be, it’s because he’s trying to find other ways to meet you. He might even be keeping track of your schedule just so he can meet you.

19. He behaves hotly and coldly with you

One day your ex might be nice and grateful to you, and the next day he might act like he doesn’t care about you at all. This kind of behavior shows that he isn’t sure how much he loves you.

20. He tries several times to contact you even if you’ve told him not to do so

You might be getting annoyed by how often he texts or calls you. You’ve told him to leave you alone, but he won’t listen. It’s because he has a hard time being alone. So, he tries to find a way to talk to you.

21. He tries to mend his ways

Does he like you still? Well, if you see him working on things that you used to hate, it’s probably his way of telling you that he can be better for you. So, he works very hard to fix the problems you had with him.

22. You have a strong gut feeling about his feelings for you

Gut instincts are very important. It might be trying to tell you something, but you probably aren’t paying attention. So, if your gut feeling is that he still loves me, it’s likely true.

Signs He Still Loves You

23. He is very concerned about your well-being and happiness

He may have told you this directly or indirectly, or even better, he may have shown you this by how he acts. When two ex-lovers care about each other’s health and happiness, it’s likely that they still care deeply about each other.

24. He confessed that he loves you

Nothing could be clearer than this. If your ex has told you straight up that he still loves you, you may be sure that the idea in your head that “he still loves me” is true.

25. His desire for you to be happy goes beyond his desire to be a part of your life

Your ex may have told you that he loves you so much that he doesn’t want you in his life. It shows that he cares about you enough to realize that he might not be a good fit for you. So, he lets you leave.

Signs He Still Loves You

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Now that you know how to tell if your ex still loves you, does any of this apply to you? Follow your gut if it tells you something strong, and find out how your ex feels about you.

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